Our Services


  • Preparing capital cost estimates for budget purposes and project approval through all the phases pre-concept to feasibility.

  • Compilation of budget cost though our in-house database of previous projects, quotations from equipment and special services suppliers.

  • Prelim measures and elemental cost estimating


  • Preparing contract conditions, including special conditions.

  • Standardisation of contract conditions and special conditions for any particular project.

  • Preparing tender bills of quantities for all construction contracts (e.g.. civils, building, demolition works, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation installations, etc.)

  • Assistance with compilation of vendor lists for client approval.

  • Drafting of enquiry documents for tender purposes.

  • Commercial tender evaluations, clarifications and adjudication reports.


  • Preparation of contract documents for signature.

  • Re-measurement of provisional schedules of quantities, both from construction drawings and physical measurements on site.

  • Measurement of all site instructions and contract variation instructions.

  • Preparation of cost reports projecting estimated final values for the contract works.

  • Assistance with the resolution of any contractual claims and all quantity surveying related matters.

  • Visits to site for inspection, progress meetings and progress measurements.

  • Preparation of monthly progress payment certificates issued for the Principle’s/ Engineers approval.

  • Project administration, drafting contractual letters and contract amendments.

  • Preparation and agreement of final accounts with contractors.

  • Attendance of Client/ Employer/ EPCM project meetings as required on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Project capital cost control.

  • Close-out report.

Project Management


  • Project Brief

  • Project Procurement Policy.

  • Signed Consultant / Client Agreements.

  • Project initiation programme.

  • Record all meetings.

  • Approval by client to proceed to Stage 2 - Concept and Viability.


  • Signed Consultant / Client Agreements.

  • Indicative project documentation and construction programme.

  • Approval from Client to proceed to Stage 3 - Design development.


  • Signed Consultant / Client Agreements.

  • Detailed design & documentation programme.

  • Updated indicative construction programme.

  • Record all meetings.

  • Approval by Client to proceed to Stage 4 - Documentation and procurement.


  • Contractors , subcontractors, and suppliers procurement strategy.

  • Project procurement programme.

  • Project tender / contract conditions.

  • Record all meetings.

  • Approval by client of tender recommendations.


  • Signed Contractor(s) agreements.

  • Agreed contract programme.

  • Adjudication and award of contractual claims.

  • Construction documentation schedule.

  • Monthly progress payment certificates.

  • Monthly progress reports.

  • Record all meetings.

  • Certificates of practical completion.


  • Works Completion Certificate.

  • Certificate of Final Completion.

  • Record all meetings.

  • Project closeout report.